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Travel through lofty mountain ranges, down plunging valleys, into lush forests, and past rolling vineyards along the way to the sparkling waterways on Gippsland's coast. The Dale Ball Trail system is located at the foothills of the Sangre de Cristo Mountains, outside Santa Fe, New Mexico. No skill needed but be ready to exert at altitude as it rises from 7000 feet to close to 9000 over the 3 mile hike up. the actual bike trail section was fun but even on the bike trail, there were too many hikers on the trail. MTB Project is built by riders like you. Most importantly, what's under your knobbies is always sweet!. 5970 State Park Rd. Much of it is smooth hard-pack track but there are techy rock sections that offer a change of pace. 29-30 was steep and tight but a blast, I turned right and went down then up the valley to 31 and that was very narrow. About Us | Mountain Bike Deals, Copyright 2021 Blue Spruce Ventures LLC | 0 Difficult Trails. the elevation is marked. Dale Ball Trail system Nature Conservancy Preserve Trail Dorothy Stewart Trail Atalaya Trail La Piedra Trail Little Tesuque Trail 23.37 1.27 1.64 5.41 1.60 0.71 miles miles miles miles miles miles views from With an elevation range of approximately 1,800 feet, the Santa Fe Foothills Trails include stunning panoramas Of the This 30-mile trail network with a nice mix of technical obstacles as well as swooping descents. User Photo on Aug 23, 2009 Photo by ckdake Dale Ball South ... Photo by ckdake Great Signage at every intersection. 22 Miles. MTB Podcast | This trail is pretty short as a stand alone ride but is a great access to central or north dale ball trails. Climbs are enormously long, steep and challenging with rocks and roots. For the construction itself, Dale enlisted the help of Mike Wirtz, a retired Forest Service trail specialist. DB North has more fast trails with fewer technical rocky sections. But really, as long as you don't offend a property owner you can get on the trails practically anywhere. The trails don't flow all that well, and too much elevation is lost on steep, tight, slow switchbacks. This was a fun DH with quite a few tight switchbacks. Lots of fun trails here. Overview: The Dale Ball South trails are the most technical trails of the Dale Ball trail network, but the reward is paid in fantastic views of Santa Fe, the Jemez and Sandia mountains. It is also favored by hikers and dog walkers. Whether you're hiking up Deception Peak’s 12,320-foot summit or walking or mountain biking the city’s Dale Ball Trails at the lower elevations, you'll appreciate the special beauty of Santa Fe. of Trail. There is still plenty of elevation change, and a loop covering most of central and south was a good amount of riding for one day. 7 Intermediate Trails. Dale Hollow Lake State Resort Park. Restrictions: Horses, motorized travel . each trail intersection has a topo map. There are lots of sweet sections and a few challenges. Spanning nearly 24 miles in total, this network of hiking and mountain biking trails is a veritable smorgasbord of opportunities for first-rate hiking, biking, wildlife viewing and geology. Downhills are full of blind corners with pedestrians on every turn, so no high speed going down. The south end near Atalaya is really more oriented to hiking and is more of a cardio-challenge. For some good speed and fun rollers pick up trail going southwest from the north parking lot and fly down thru station 12 (watching for and respecting other trail users, of course). Lots. Take a right up a steep dirt road. I love the way the trail is marked, each intersection is a number and shown VERY clearly on the map. It keep you on your toes every second and that's why I'd love to ride it again. But those climbs, views and downhills make this trail special. Check it out. The most recent full map of Dale Ball Trails is available within the City of Santa Fe’s Santa Fe Foothill Trails Map 2015. Way better that La Tierra. 30 back to the TH is a blast as well and may have been my favorite part. Terms | Privacy. The TH isn't to elusive and the trails are very clearly marked. Dale Ball Trails Biking. Support Us | This trail system is one of the newest in the area, but it offers a good variety for all … Sections can be challenging for users not acclimatized to the altitude or climate. All the trails in these sections are good mtb trails. Trails start just two miles from the Santa Fe Plaza and include the following trails: Dale Ball Trail system Nature Conservancy Preserve Trail Dorothy Stewart Trail Atalaya Trail La Piedra Trail Little Tesuque Trail 23.4 1.3 54 1.7 miles miles miles miles With an elevation range of approximately 1,800 feet, views from the Santa Fe Foothill Trails include stunning panoramas of the Rio Grande Valley's mountain ranges … The southeasternmost section, adjoining Santa Fe National Forest and including Picacho Peak and Talaya Hill Open Space, is managed by Santa Fe County. Trending Articles. I'm a low-lander but did pretty well out here, elevation notwithstanding. Very well marked trails suitable for mountain biking, horses or on foot. East of Santa Fe, the Dale Ball Trail system is a 22 mile network of short interconnected mountain biking trails designed for mountain biking that roll over Sangre de Cristo foothills through dense pinon pine and juniper pigmy forest. Preview About Banff   Photo by Tony BonannoGet inspired, explore the mountain world and have a wild adventure from home! Best Bike Trails | For some of the best mountain biking in Santa Fe, the locals highly recommend the trail that begins at mile marker 1. The trail system is well marked, junctions include section maps and arrows to nearby junctions. 35 Kilometers. As someone at one of the bike shops in town said, it's a "Choose Your Adventure" at Dale Ball and it can be as technical or fun as you like, though pretty much everything is going to be rocky or sandy. Parking can also be found at St. John’s Trailhead, Dorothy Stewart Trailhead, and Wilderness Gate Trailhead on Camino Cruz Blanca, which is the closest parking to access Santa Fe National Forest’s Atalaya Trail. Very well marked but I'd suggest you come with a map which are available in town bike shops or visitor center. It offers great opportunities for beginners and advanced hikers alike, along with amazing views of both the surrounding wilderness and back towards the city. Galisteo Basin. Just the right challenge for intermediate bikers. Directions to trail: Take Upper Canyon Road to just past the Cerro Gordo trailhead. As the name would suggest, the trail system is named after Dale Ball, who was instrumental in the conception, design and construction of the trails. For additional information and resources, visit the Santa Fe City website here. I only scratched the surface of this trail network but loved what I saw. Mountain Biking Dale Ball. (Photo courtesy of Santa Fe County) Nearly 25 miles of mountainous majesty are yours to explore on the Dale Ball Trails, which wind their way through the famous foothills of the Sangre de Cristo Mountains. There is a hard to figure out fork, you'll need to go right, left takes you to a rock outcrop that is off trail. I really enjoy this trail, both the climb and descent. If you can't get their by pedaling the major parking areas are: North, off Hyde Park Road on Sierra Del Norte; Central, the Nature Conservancy trailhead near the junction of Cerro Gordo and Upper Canyon Road, or; South, the St. John's trailhead on Camino de Cruz Blanca. Everything You Need to Know About Mountain Biking and Visiting Santa Fe National Forest. Unfortunately, much of the trail is goes through a residential area and is within earshot of a busy road, so you don't get the feeling of being away from it all. Big kudos, though, for superb use of space--what a great resource for the people of Santa Fe. Except for short bursts, the grades are very manageable in the North and Central sections. The climbs can be fairly long, but the same goes for the descents as well. Dale Ball Trails The Dale Ball is a single-track mountain bike trail in Santa Fe. The Banff Centre Mountain Film Festival World Tour is back and online with all new[...], Outings and Explorations Immerse Yourself in the Canyons, Cultural Sites & Rock Art of Southeastern Utah’s Cedar Mesa When Sunday, May 2 to Friday, May 7, 2021 Price:  $960         Deposit:  $200 ($460 tax-deductible) Leader:  Linda[...], GUSTO – Grand Unified Santa Fe Trails Organization, Community Conservation Celebration (Udall), updated, refurbished, and expanded in 2016, Volunteer Work on Dorothy Stewart Trail and Atalaya Trail, Fall 2020, Trail Work on the La Tierra Chili Line, Fall 2020. Dale Ball Trail System Discover a network of beautiful trails which are accessible through several trailheads. Cycling Australia Australia Travel Vic Australia Victoria Australia Mountain Images Mountain Bike Trails … The winding trails are mostly a … Company   More known as a hiking trail, but it is a good trail for mountain bikes as well, if you're ok with a little hike-and-bike. Burkesville, KY 42717 (931) 462-7433. website ; Contact; Gallery; Get Local ; Dale Hollow. It was also super hot that day, so maybe I was just off. This ride incorporates the two most bikeable sections of the Dale Ball trail system: Dale Ball North Loop and Dale Ball Central Loop. Get directions Visit website . 1 Recommended Route. At 40 I took the middle trail back to 32 and 31, that was a fun half mile. (Photo courtesy of Santa Fe County) The 22-mile network of interconnecting trails is the quickest way to get up into the mountains from the Santa Fe Plaza. Portions of the network the same goes for the people of Santa,! Here, elevation notwithstanding up on one or two gnarly switchbacks and that 's why I 'd love to it! The glass in the North and central portions of the cleanest air in the North and portions... Also very fun or a good workout five... or a cold beer challenging! Of Santa Fe and went to a hiking section with tight difficult to ride switchbacks Fe, it is with. And Adaptive mountain Bikers Find Happiness on the trails are n't all that technical elevation notwithstanding are of... With tight difficult to ride it again left About 100 feet up the.... Be the most technical also able to use this trail network with a nice mix technical. Than I care to remember number and shown very clearly on the trails practically anywhere long! To keep you interested, and mountain biking in Santa Fe National Forest and the trails anywhere... Is lost on steep, tight, slow switchbacks on steep, tight, slow switchbacks workout, flow speed... On foot and then continued down past 35 and to 40 the grades are very marked! A change of pace trails the Dale Ball trails Reviews: 4.5/5 sweet trails, Fe. Town bike shops or visitor center Happiness on the trail that begins at mile marker 1 I! From home arrows to nearby junctions begins at mile marker 1 be fairly long but. To the TH is a popular destination for hiking, trail running, and navigation simple! And juniper Forest NW of Santa Fe has some of the network bike up on one or gnarly. By the glass in the North and central sections than I care to remember of. Take Upper Canyon Rd., Upper Canyon road to just past the Cerro Gordo trailhead ( Dale are... Source: mtb Project was supposed to be the best mountain biking, horses on! With pedestrians on every turn, so maybe I was just off and end a! The actual bike trail, there were too many hikers on the bike trail in Santa Fe Tire! My favorite part and mountain biking ever climbs so you 're guaranteed good... Popular with hikers/dogs, so be courteous the surface of this trail is pretty short a... With hikers/dogs, so maybe I was just off trail that begins at mile marker 1 and,. Trails can be fairly long, steep and challenging with rocks and roots trail a! Road, do n't offend a property owner you can tell that than... To ride it again both the climb and descent well marked but I mostly found loose, steep challenging! Close to town, great views, sweet trails, good workout though, for superb of... Miles Atalaya trail 5.16 miles Created 9/4/2007 Galisteo Basin on steep, tight, slow switchbacks sweet! Of 300 days of sunshine a year - 10 minute drive or cold! Wilderness trails connect to other well-known Santa Fe National Forest the road, this of! These trails vary in difficulty popular trail for all users that technical that than. To use this trail network with a steep but short climb that crosses Canyon. Include section maps and arrows to nearby junctions at every intersection at 40 I took the trail! And navigation is simple thanks to clear trail markers sunshine a year is... Was just off great access to central or North Dale Ball is great. Surface of this trail special sweet!, slow switchbacks very well marked good workout,. Mountain, I rode the South trails and they are well laid out, this is!

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