cat only licks jelly off food

Thanks in advance. Yeah, ours lick the gravy / jelly off but only sometimes eat the actual meat. To comment on this thread you need to create a Mumsnet account. He's on the Royal Canin Instinctive food. How can we encourage him to eat the meat?! The petroleum jelly works as a lubricant on the digestive tract and will make it easier for the cat to cough up or vomit the fur ball. She'd eat around those... don't blame her!Current pair are hoovers no matter what. Imagine if these cats knew what we went through for them eh. Does he go outside? Mix Flavors. 1. He is a nightmare, will leave all the little 'meat' bits. Dry food is a meal, not a snack & has all the nutrients in it. He has kibble out at all times, but he spends his whole life convincing me to feed him more jelly. he might be getting food elsewhere .. if so it will be 'wild' food ..and he used to eat dry food but doesn't touch it now ,,but i will get his mouth checked again (last time vet said he was fine.. and he seems fine what i can see mouth and gums look pink and healthy ..but i will try the warm water trick and a little mashing.. The only way to find out if any of the above could be responsible for your cat going off their food is to put everything back to how it was and then see what happens. I'll let you know how I get on! $38.77. If your cat has problems vomiting hairballs, use the following cat care tips:. But he's is very addicted!! It may be something to do with his teeth.. although I have checked them and they seem fine. Step 3: Treat the cat by placing one or two teaspoons of white petroleum jelly on the cat's mouth and paws so it can lick it off. We only give him half a sachet every other day and we store the the other half in the fridge in a sealed bag. Re tooth decay, you can usually smell it on the breath (foul), or I sometimes notice that our other cat sort of mouths his food, like he wants to eat but cannot quite bring himself to. You can add petroleum jelly to your pet’s food. One of mine does that too! He's a rescue cat ,8 yrs old never used to be fussy .. To not expect neighbour to use washing machine overnight, To wonder if anyone has used a male prositute, Share your tips for saving on your energy bill with ESB Energy, Toilet training expert answers questions on bathroom habits and routines, Talk widget showing discussions of the day & trending threads, Subscribe to Mumsnet emails direct to your inbox. We have just got another rescue cat, now she will only lick the gravy off the cat meat, levaes all the meat, same with the jelly, she does eat her biscuits though, I have tried her with everything bought chicken, tuna, salmon you name it she just turns her nose up … My cat, who is a spritely 20, seems to only really care for the jelly part of her cat food, usually licking it off and leaving most of the meat. I keep telling him he'll go back if he dont behave , but he just looks at me .Hes also got no fangs (he didn't have bottom ones when we got him and since then has lost the top two fighting i think , hes a real outdoor country cat , but a neutered tom ) The vet says the tooth loss probably due to bad health as a kitten ( was only a year or so old when we had him . ), Our old lady cat was a jelly-licker. I Certainly dont..cozie the smug shyster (Barney is his name) is out right now but (just to prove me wrong of course) he actually did polish most of this evening's food off [we need a smug cat icon] ill be having another stern word in the morning ..I might go back (yeuch) to the stuff in tins that looks like (yikes) pate , but always has horrid best not to look too closely bits in he used to eat that but once the tin was i opened wouldnt eat it again at a second or third meal , but now I know about freezing cat food in portions it might be worth trying it .. and then he goes off it and just licks the damn thing!Fluffy you may be on to a winning formula there ha! ), .....freeze what you're not about to use.......(I'm blaming Seniorboy for that one. Cat food freezes really well. failing that he gets nothing else! Have you tried him on senior food? My cat is hungry, but only licks the liquid and eats very little solid food. I have a theory that it's when they don't like the food. I mostly use them if I have to hide meds in them or after illness. It is important not to overfeed the cat, especially if he or she has been off food. He's always really excited when we're putting it in the bowl and runs to his food when we put it down but then just licks it dry. My heart sinks whenever I see 'New Improved' on his beloved Felix! Wow! I buy Aldi's senior mixed sachets and have found mashing them well and only giving them a small amount (plus some crunchies and fresh water which stay out all day) do them fine. Talk widget showing discussions of the day & trending threads, Subscribe to Mumsnet emails direct to your inbox. They are all around 8 yrs old and only go out to wee during the day poor old boys, but still catch the odd mouse to lovingly present to me ... Ok this morning I left for work only leaving one sachet in his bowl so he was hungry when i got home ,and this evening he is getting his food a quarter of a sachet at a time.. and seeming to eat it like that .. Is pissed off with me though.. maybe i've been giving him too much choice. I also put out dried food along with wet food so that they have the choice. With the sachets and tins, the vitamin / mineral mix, plus ground bone, is all in the chunks so he will miss out on essentials. I was so sick of wasting other food - he would just not eat it!

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