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This plate uses narrower dies than the standard issues. It is a hard to find item and a great old collectable,happy bidding.Buyer top to shipping but please check price for international as it is a little pricey and we do combine shipping Saskatchewan 1997 passenger issue. SEE my set ODDBALL LICENSE PLATES III for other Saskatchewan plate types. Additional Saskatchewan information provided by: Terry Yukman, Andrew Osborne. QUICK VIEW. Starting with 1997 expirations, expiration dates were staggered throughout the month, so plates were issued a separate day sticker to indicate the day of expiration (March 17, 1997 in this case). They also switched to an ABC-123 format, allowing the series to run on almost indefinitely, considering the relatively low number of registrations in the province. SASKATCHEWAN 1912 plate … Back to basics for this issue, with year and province name back at the bottom. PAUL'S LICENSE PLATES . Saskatchewan License Plate History. This change appeared in the GYA series. Lots of interesting trivia, colour photos and fascinating history. Better than nothing! The older, larger die set was reinstated as of the RXG series in 1996. The Canadian province of Alberta first required its residents to register their motor vehicles in 1906. This is a REPRODUCTION or full size REPLICA of a 1917 Saskatchewan license plate, made in Thailand.It's made of IRON(STEEL) sheet (thickness is comparable to an authentic one) , printed and coated with thin layer of automobile grade lacquer (2K).So it's not glossy. Dec 19, 2017 - Prairies North historical stories. Saskatchewan 1996 passenger issue. The only real variation during this time period, this issue commemorates Saskatchewan as the "Home of the RCMP" in honor of the Centennial of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police in 1973. Me either. Some are doubles and will be sold as pairs. 1933 Saskatchewan license plate.jpg 262 × 119; 12 KB. Saskatchewan 2005 passenger issue. Some of these plate pictures will have a few light splotches as many of these plates were sealed and shrink wrapped some time ago so the paint may look a bit rippled on some of them. Saskatchewan undated passenger issue (exp. It has actual size , scale 1:1. I'm based in Saint Petersburg, Florida, and license plate collecting is my lifelong passion. The narrow-die variety stayed in place through the end of the RXF series. If your vehicle is registered in joint names and you need proof that the vehicle was registered and insured in Saskatchewan, you'll need to request a plate record under the joint name, in addition to the individual driver abstract. From $12.99 - $229.99. These large-die "R" plates ran until the end of the series at RZZ-999, then the letter series skipped to the next available block, starting with WBB and running through around WSJ. This book showed up in my mailbox at school the other day courtesy “The Book Fairy”. But the coolest thing is a list of the 823 licenses issued in the province up to March 31, 1911 with the owner's name, hometown and model of car. Now There Are Several Data Base Companies That Offer The Information To the Public For A Small Fee. Saskatchewan 2002 passenger issue. QUICK VIEW. You must hold a valid driver's licence to drive in Saskatchewan. In 1977, a new graphic issue was released to liven up the province's previously lackluster plate history. Saskatchewan discontinued plate stickers after 2013 expirations, so motorists with existing plates were issued white stickers to cover the old expired sticker. SHIPPING TIME: We travel and enjoy life outside of ebay and our license plate sales, and adhere to a 'no more than 5 business day' turnaround on shipping. O.A. Mississippi Lighthouse License Plate . Order A Full Vehicle History Report Today For Less Than You Think! A. MacGillivray. Saskatchewan 1969 passenger issue. These dies have been used again ever since. This book showed up in my mailbox at school the other day courtesy “The Book Fairy”. MacGillivray, 1990 - Automobile license plates - 173 pages. Memory Lane : 85 Years of Saskatchewan License Plates: MacGillivray, O.A. Home. Condition as per photo. QUICK VIEW. Another of these narrow-die issues, after DZZ the province apparently jumped straight to RGT, taking advantage of an available block of letters after the earlier Rxx series, which had been set aside for farm plates. In 1919 Saskatchewan issued a 1919 dates porcelain license plate to be revalidated each year through 1922, By late 1921 or early 1922 the porcelain base plates ran out and new plates were made with embossed bordering and numbers, no longer of porcelain enameled iron. Registrants provided their own licence plates for display until … This plate adheres to eBay's listing policies (at least three years old) and is sold strictly for collecting purposes only This was the last yearly issue for Saskatchewan and also the last all-numeric plate for the province. Saskatchewan vintage license plates on display at Rayner Agencies Ltd. Editor November 25, 2015 . These plates remain in use today with stickers. Saskatchewan. Saskatchewan 1982 passenger issue. Paul's License Plates Paul focuses on plates from the province of Saskatchewan. A similar graphic is still used today on Saskatchewan license plates. Near the end of the H series of plates in 2011, plates began appearing with squared corners rather than the more rounded ones on previous issues. This plate also has a single sticker for month and year, and a vehicle class sticker in the bottom left. For some reason this site is not viewable using Firefox as a browser. check out the slogan of the last photo…”Land Of Living Skies” – Red Shaman Intergalactic Ascension Mission. Saskatchewan 1976 passenger issue. 5TH MOTORCYCLE PLATE ISSUED 1912-FIRST OFFICIAL YEAR OF ISSUE. Saskatchewan farm license plates: 1971 double in nice condition asking $50 for the two 1976 double in very nice condition $50 for the two 1969 farm plate single nice $25 odd number 1965 farm plate diamond jubilee some rust $25 It took close to ten years to exhaust the supply of plate numbers with A as the first digit. Later variation of the 1977 Wheat base. Starting in early 2009, a couple changes took place to Saskatchewan's current plate. Most times, we ship Tuesdays and Fridays, so usually the plates are mailed within 3 business days of your payment. Plates with C as the first digit have been spotted in Ottawa and Toronto as of August 2016. Slight production tweak alert! The current Saskatchewan license plate slogan is “Land of Living Skies.” (For a few years in the 1950s it was “Wheat Province.”) According to this blog post, Saskatchewan got this name “because its citizens have the largest and longest un-interrupted view of the wind system known as the jet-stream which passes through Saskatchewan 73.6% of the year bringing with it large amounts of interesting cloud formations and ever changing weather systems.” REMARKS: All of the "Repro." Questions please message me. Plate History 1910's - 1920's (P) Porcelain (S) Steel 1930's - … 1967 Saskatchewan License Plate. For some reason, however, the Province abandoned porcelain in favor of flat roll-bar framed metal plates in 1915 and 1916, Contact me for prices Vehicle class and date stickers were discontinued on November 1, 2012. This style was first introduced in early 2005. SASKATCHEWAN 1921 plate (woody1778a) Tags: world auto 1920s signs canada history cars car sign vintage edmonton photos antique tag woody plate tags licenseplate collection number photographs license historical plates saskatchewan foreign oddball porcelain sask numberplate licenseplates numberplates licenses rarity cartag carplate carplates autotags cartags autotag foreigns pl8s … Plates renewed for 2005 expiration, such as this example, were given a small blank sticker to place over either the screened PV designation or previous PV sticker at the bottom left of the plate. Bibliographic information. Saskatchewan 2010 passenger issue. The cutoff point between screened "PV" and plain corner plates was between 748 ESX and 897 ESX. plates offered by me are not perf Post was not sent - check your email addresses! Account & Lists Account Returns & Orders. $6.99. plates and white decals were issued to cover the PV on older plates. Europe Starting in 2005, Saskatchewan eliminated the passenger vehicle class designation from their plates altogether. $19.99. Production was changed from steel to aluminum, and a new die set appeared. Cart All. Same format as 1974, with colors changed back to red on white and the date changed. After Ontario's transition to an ABCD-123 format in 1997, plates were issued in ascending order starting with AAAA-001. $24.99. ENTER. Last Modified 11/27/2016 (added 2012 plate). : Books - What people are saying - Write a review. The province name and date (shortened to just "72") were returned to the top for this plate. The original series was issued from the HBB-HZZ, JBB-JZZ and MBB-MZZ blocks. License Plates of Saskatchewan. PV class eliminated on 2005-07-01 and no longer screened on pass. In May of 1998, the Wheat base was modified again to change the script that the province name is printed in, and add the slogan "Land of Living Skies" at the bottom. Saskatchewan 1975 passenger issue. This is an example of a natural-expiration 2006 plate with the PV designation eliminated from the lower left sticker well completely. Numerous years of saskatchewan license plates. Saskatchewan 1972 passenger issue. Saskatchewan 2012 passenger issue. A SELECTION OF SASKATCHEWAN LICENSE PLATES. The licence you get has to match the kind of vehicle you want to drive. Starting in early 2013, the sticker well was removed from the bottom right corner of the plate altogether. Saskatchewan run from 1912 first issue until the current time. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Green on reflective white issue, still all-numeric. Saskatchewan License Plates. Skip to main As usual, this move was no doubt highly motivated and very important. Plate record information - This is a record of any vehicles registered to you. Media in category "Licence plates of Saskatchewan" The following 69 files are in this category, out of 69 total. plates issued by Saskatchewan from 1912 through 1914 are among the most well- made porcelains from Canada. Saskatchewan: Home > North America > Canada > Saskatchewan Private/Passenger Plate History More Saskatchewan Plates Province Information Credits: Private/Passenger. Drop in and to take a look back at Saskatchewan’s auto history of license plates. Can you imagine why a library in our nation's capital would ever get rid of such a treasure? Saskatchewan 1973 passenger issue. Saskatchewan Slovania South Africa ... Massachusetts Embossed License Plates - Quantities of 1, 10, 20 and 50 Available. It's a limited edition too – this copy is #260 of 1000. ." This baseplate has the "PV" designation screened onto the plate itself, and non-passenger types would carry a sticker over this designation. Saskatchewan 1998 passenger issue. Saskatchewan 1970 passenger issue. 1956 White on dark green Wheat Province 123-456 1 to approximately 192-000 1957 Dark blue on beige Wheat Province 123-456 1 to approximately 195-000 1958 Red on reflective light grey Wheat Province 123-456 1 to 1-000 Experimental plates. My Saskatchewan license plate collection of all years from 1912 to 2010. Our Website Is the Only Site That Has Been Featured On Television. Classic "use everything available up before releasing the new plate" strategy, although it does make tracking the progression of numbers nearly impossible. This die variation apparently started with DYB and went through DZZ before the letter series jumped again (see next). Old Ford Truck (417127729).jpg 2,048 × 1,365; 765 KB. Arizona Cactus License Plate. These plates featured a screened province name and stalk of wheat in the center. Most All States and Vintage Canadian Silver Dollars. For more information, contact Jeff at Well, the province didn't exactly use. Saskatchewan 1971 passenger issue. Saskatchewan Collectible Canadian Postcards, Automobilia 1963, 1963 Transportation Collectibles, Plate Carrier, 1963 Jukebox Collectibles, License Plate Topper, Seder Plate, Other Collectible License Plates, Vintage License Plates, Collectible California License Plates Saskatchewan 1974 passenger issue. United States.....7.50 Canada.....6.50 Overseas.....No overseas shipping. Lots of familiar family names from Indian Head but nothing on any of my ancestors, at least from that community (haven't scanned for my maternal side yet.). High pair 133 EAT from Derek Jaworski. All these plates are in my personal collection. Front plates no longer issued/required after 7-1-04. Saskatchewan 1982 passenger issue. This base design was again issued through early 1998 and remains valid today with stickers. Also during this period, the province realized that they could save printing costs for "PV" stickers by screening the PV onto the baseplate. ALSO Many CANADIAN & USA Samples, Graphic and Vintage Single License Plates and Sets. Me either. Red on light grey 1-001 to approximately 201-000 1959 Non-passenger types continue to be issued vehicle class stickers. 1976 Saskatchewan bus license plate as noted by the B prefix. It is from 1967 and says 27 which is a very low #.It has some very minor paint loss otherwise great shape. 1969 Hawaii License Plate. This plate carries a high-ish number for the relatively sparsely populated province, and in fact this plate appears as if it was probably an unissued leftover. Alaska Bear License Plate. In support of “Shop The Neighbourhood” on November 28th, our RAL office will be home to a vintage license plate display spanning the years from 1912 through 1991. This allows a single stock of plates to be used for all classes, with a sticker affixed appropriately as needed. 1976 commercial freight line truck license plate used within the province as noted by the A prefix. Combine purchases to save on shipping. Hello Select your address Books Hello, Sign in. Performing A License Plate Search Or A Reverse License Plate Lookup Use To Be Impossible For The Average Person. Saskatchewan License Plates; 1912 - 2009 - YouTube Here's every Saskatchewan license plate design, from 1912 to 2009. 1930 Saskatchewan Canada License plate pair 116-143. Lots of interesting trivia, colour photos and fascinating history. Elsewhere (Be sure to also see the Worldwide plate sites, above.) This white on emerald issue was the last non-reflective issue for the province. 2014). Plates from 1912 to 1959 are pictured. Memory Lane: 85 Years of Saskatchewan License Plates. This design was issued with a couple minor variations through 1997. Serial format was also reversed to a 123-ABC format. $17.99. Saskatchewan 1997 passenger issue. Since 2004 only rear plates are required. This plate also has a sticker indicating the day of expiration, so this plate would have expired on August 19, 1998. Overseas buyers that provide a U.S. shipping address will have to pay additional cost for tracking In business since 1979. See more ideas about saskatchewan, history, historical. Saskatchewan plates of this era were issued in an all-numeric format. QUICK VIEW. Canadians subject 5% GST on order total. SPECIALIZING In ALL CANADIAN License Plate Sets, Which includes all 10 Provinces and the 3 Northern Territories, YUKON, NORTHWEST TERRITORIES and NUNAVUT. In 1977, a new graphic issue was released to liven up the province's previously lackluster plate history. Commemorated Saskatchewan's 50 years of provincehood. Alaska Gold Rush License Plate. Can you imagine why a library in our nation's capital would ever get rid of such a treasure? This change occurred in the late I series. We haven't found any reviews in the usual places. Saskatchewan 2006 passenger issue. Day Three – Already Nothing Exciting To Say – Let's Do A Blog Entry, The Spirit of Saskatchewan: A Celebration of Books. This old license plate is in very good to mint condition. Shop with confidence. AS WELL AS A FEW JAPANESE LICENSE PLATES 3RD GARAGE/DEALER PLATE ISSUED 5TH LIVERY PLATE ISSUED . 1978 Saskatchewan License Plate.jpg 7,229 × 3,668; 9.24 MB. These plates featured a screened province name and stalk of wheat in the center. 85 Years of Saskatchewan License Plates: A History of the Licensing of Vehicles in the "Wheat Province" O. Province name and year moved to the bottom for this plate, red on white in color. RCAF Saskatoon SASKATCHEWAN license plate.jpg 1,560 × 761; 463 KB. It's a limited edition too – this copy is #260 of 1000. Since this was the most common type, most plates would not require a vehicle type sticker in this case. Please look at picture for condition. The letter series then jumped around quite a bit more through 1997 and 1998, using unissued sequences in the GCx and LWx-LXx series, then some Axx plates and finally some Pxx plates. SASKATCHEWAN License Plate History…. I do also have 1973 rcmp Mountie plates as well that are not pictured. "PV" stands for Private Vehicle. Find great deals on eBay for saskatchewan license plates. In late 2006, plates with B as the first digit were assigned, and have continued from there sequentially. QUICK VIEW. These dies are the same as those used in South Dakota from 1976 through 2003. 1975, 1974, 1972,1971, 1970, 1969, 1967, 1963,1951 and 1948. 0 Reviews.

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