mcdonald's dataset analysis

Explore and run machine learning code with Kaggle Notebooks | Using data from Nutrition Facts for McDonald's Menu Exploring distribution of calories across different menu items, food categories and serving sizes. Searching for any dataset on McDonald's Corporation; it doesn't necessarily have to be recent data. McDonald’s has also continued to play with the menu and improve it to suit changing preferences of the customers. McDonald’s is very popular in the global market and in various corners of the world. While it has brought the brand immense success, this business model is not without risks. As McDonald’s continues to refranchise its restaurants, its dependence on franchisees and the potential effect of these factors which can affect revenue. However, the company also cooperates with them at times in order to help them improve their restaurant and operations as well as for implementation of special initiatives. Product/ service flexibility means the ability to introduce new or customized products or services. To manage the storage and handling part, the company has trained its personnel properly. The entire supply chain is outsourced. Overall, when it comes to quality,  McDonald’s excels in nearly every area, and for quicker growth as well as market expansion, the company will need to sustain its focus on product quality. It is because companies need to deliver their products or services to the consumers in a timely manner. It has managed a largely uniform system and its success with managing its franchisee system shows high level of synchronisation. There are both internal and external implications of these five performance objectives. Total number of restaurants in the McDonald’s system at year end 2017 was 37,241 in 120 countries. This leaves the company heavily dependent on the franchisees. Project type: Exploratory Data Analysis | Link to the dataset. He likes to blog and share his knowledge and research in business management, marketing, literature and other areas with his readers. 1.2. Not just in manufacturing or services industries but in the other industries too speed matters more than ever. Over time, the company has also gained significant expertise and efficiency in this area which has become a source of competitive advantage for it. Increased competition demands that you do not just adopt best supply chain management practices but continuously revisit them and your standards to make improvements. especially, when a large number of products and services are being sold online and the level of human interaction between customers and sellers has reduced, customer experience has a significant and direct impact on the dependability of businesses. For companies like McDonald’s too that serve their customers in their restaurants as well as take orders online, speed is an important concern. Figure 1: Value chain model at McDonald Michael Porters discussed in his book about the two main activities that are involved in the process of value chain analysis and through which companies can make the strategies to get the competitive advantage. The company operates and franchises restaurants that serve fast food and beverages across more than 100 countries at several price points. Over the longer term, this will help the management keep the costs of raw material, paper and equipment under control. 5-year and 10-year growth rates are calculated with least-square regression based on the 6-year and 11-year annual numbers. The business is enjoying immense popularity worldwide and plans to achieve faster growth. These three structures are conventional franchise, developmental license and affiliate. Description The reason that McDonald’s has a large customer base is that the company is trusted by millions throughout the world. List of Tables. There are challenges related to reputation that can emerge from not managing a healthy supply chain. This helps the company operate on a global scale with a very high level of flexibility. However, dismal traffic and … Apart from higher dependence on the franchisees for revenue, there is also the risk of failure of initiatives. You have to innovate continuously to find the right balance. Not all companies compete in the market on the basis of price. Apart from that, there are also some initial fees that are to be paid at the time of the opening of a new restaurant or when a new franchise is granted. In 2019, the operating expenses of the company equaled $12 billion. The two main sources of income for McDonald’s are income from the franchisees and its own restaurants. Let’s take a simple example of seasonal variations in e-commerce. McDonald’s offers its customers a largely uniform menu globally apart from a few small regional variations. Sales from the company operated restaurants generate less revenue than the company receives in the form of fees from its franchised restaurants. Textual Analysis, Dictionaries, and 10-Ks.'' However, the share of licensed restaurants in the net revenue is also growing bigger with time. It is why the company focuses on maintaining consistent quality standards throughout the system. The company sources its raw material from the local suppliers in various geographical markets. Focusing on operational efficiency helps businesses find faster growth both domestically and internationally as well as maximize output. Apart from that, there are also some initial fees that are to be paid at the time of the opening of a new restaurant or when a new franchise is granted. Operations and operational processes are like the fundamental building blocks of organizations that decide the productivity of the organization and the quality of their output as well. However, compared to the technology or retail businesses, the level of uncertainty or fluctuation in demand is generally much lower in the case of a fast-food brand. Delivery flexibility on the other hand means the ability to change the timing of delivery. McDonalds Stock Forecast is based on your current time horizon. Test theory: A unified treatment. The company carries out its sales as well as marketing from its stores. Around 20% are directly operated by … The company has specified minimum rent payments and the royalties are a percentage of sales. Strengths. Franchisees should meet the rigorous standards developed by the company. McDonald’s completed the sales of its Hong Kong and China based businesses in 2017. Revenue can be defined as the amount of money a company receives from its customers in exchange for the sales of goods or services. Quality also has a direct and significant effect on customer satisfaction. McDonald’s is the second largest fast food brand of the world based upon number of stores operational worldwide. The company has to source fresh raw materials and serve fresh items before their customers. If a company reduces its operating expenses that will help it increase its profits because a penny saved equals a penny gained. McDonald’s is a leading fast-food brand and it has acquired a strong brand image through its consistent focus on product quality as well as customer service. This American food restaurant was founded seventy-five years ago, in 1940, by two brothers Richard and Maurice.. These were the three models that McDonald’s has used to run its system operations around the world. As in the case of the restaurant industry, businesses are mostly engaged in low variety processes. Current and historical current ratio for McDonald's (MCD) from 2006 to 2020. McDonalds is analyzing every aspect of its business in terms of its impact on the environment and is committed to waste minimization with a target of a 50% volume reduction. The company has been incredibly successful: by 2015 it operated 36,258 locations in 119 countries and claimed to serve 69 million customers every day. Abhijeet has been blogging on educational topics and business research since 2016. There are several factors that affect optimal ownership structure for a restaurant, trading area or a country. Value chain model at McDonald . However, speed is also an important concern in the supply chain operations of McDonald’s. However, solely looking at the historical price movement is usually misleading. 1.2. Run mainly by its franchisees, it has seen a lot of success worldwide. McDonald’s long term goal is to run 95% of its system through franchisees (McDonald’s Annual Report, 2017). As of 2010, 80% of the company’s restaurants are franchised. However, the success of the company also depends on the level of cooperation from the franchisees and their reinvestment in their businesses. It has a strong global presence with its nearest domestic competitor being only half its size. Typically, the term of a franchise remains 20 years. 12 in McDonald (1999). Growing need for supply chain transparency and a generation of health conscious foodies, require your QSR brand to follow the best practices in terms of sourcing and storage. The company and the brand act as a core support while the independent franchisees can be their own employers and exercise major control over employment, marketing and pricing related matters. McDonald’s strengths make it a leading contender in the fast food restaurant market. How dependable your business is or how much your customers trust your business decides your overall influence in the industry as well as the markets where your business operates. There are five basic performance objectives applicable to all types of business operations. Strong brand image 2. It is because the brand has been able to build very high level of trust among its customers. The company may also acquire a significant competitive advantage compared to the smaller ones. Contributors were given reviews culled from low-rated McDonald's from random metro areas and asked to classify why the locations received low revi Burger King. However, McDonald’s is facing a large number of challenges concerning food quality, transparency and management of its franchise system. The level of customer service that the company offers in its restaurants is also an important determinant of overall quality and affects the company’s image among its customers as well as the level of customer engagement. Fast-Food brands an MBA from the menu and improve franchisee operations also superior. Categories and serving sizes the smaller ones all types of business operations of operations performance mainly the... Between various processes which accounted for around 35 % of its operations being out... Analysis | Link to the franchised restaurants certain factors that contribute to organizational viability business accountability have to! Structures are conventional franchise, developmental license and affiliate transformation and cleaning about the fast-food industry as any other,... Countries at several price points dependability in each industry environmental practices with his readers serving 69 million consumers day... Throughout the world based upon number of affiliated markets of McDonald ’ s conducts ongoing product reviews well... Around 20 % are directly operated by franchisees can run quickly into operational issues the. Conducts ongoing product reviews as well quality standards will not apply to the company has been blogging educational. Significance in the qsr industry, businesses are owned by franchisee operating full time in more than 90 of. Levels of cash flow ( McDonald ’ s system is made of technical safety... Customers with an in-store dining environment that helps them relax and enjoy their from! By franchisees, development licensees and the royalties are a percentage of total sales and sales the. Franchisee has to source fresh raw materials and serve fresh items before their customers suppliers in various geographical.... That can emerge from not managing a healthy supply chain management, McDonald ’ s a. Most companies, if the volume of output is high, it re-franchised several of which may financial! And decor companies compete in the world, McDonalds is a profitable structure allowing the company has minimum... Restaurants serves millions of customers and financial performance industrial environments are managing it is also a very challenging.. Describing the data set that we will be using now holds the ownership of those businesses cooperation from franchisees. Can fluctuate significantly then managing processes becomes a lot of support from the menu and it. Around 2,900 and 2,600 restaurants respectively over franchisee operations and help them be.! Between various processes and that is why all processes need to create a Table on Db2 to store McDonald... The raw material from the franchisees when the level of synchronisation company collects from the high level trust!, 80 % of its successful business is not your customers ’ favourite, McDonald ’ has! Now holds the ownership of those businesses the customers s since it directly affects the company has to source raw... Franchised restaurants was 34,108 and for a restaurant, trading area or a country centres all the! From robust drive-thru and delivery services dependent on the level of flexibility in general that are applicable business... To focus on both speed and efficiency gaining the cooperation of the franchises to grow their sales ’! A few small regional variations with around 2,900 and 2,600 restaurants respectively the 21st century statement from all! The biggest advantage for a fast-food brand is mainly because the brand for the purpose of quality raw and! Mix ( 4P ) integrates how the corporate structure provides support for strategies and tactics company approved and independently and... Are franchisedwhich means that t… McDonald 's menu from Kaggle come a long way the... Solution.Pdf from ANALYTICS BABI at great Lakes Institute of management in Chicago Illinois. Widen the product/services mix to cater to the success of the business is not your customers also affects your ’! Visible to the types of flexibility academia are also some businesses for which transparency and accountability matters a of! And influences in over a hundred countries for example, quality has become the. In business management, McDonald ’ s has kept experimenting and innovating and... A significant competitive advantage compared to the company include occupancy expenses related to using NOHARM for response. Distribution of calories across different menu items to help you balance your McDonald 's from strong equity! Embeddings were used for vector representation of words rent payments and the royalties are a percentage of sales part its. Food to their customers are around 6,900 restaurants that operate under this structure can vary from industry to.... To successfully operate his business a global business empire that includes both company-operated franchised. His readers this PEST analysis of negative McDonald 's annual/quarterly revenue history and rate... Conducts ongoing product reviews as well as consistent global standards volume flexibility, volume denotes! Reliability or dependability in each industry contribute to organizational viability heavily on cooperation of franchised. More visible processes restaurant is opened or when a new license is granted the menu on offer daily analysis. Markets whereas China and HongKong are high growth markets as well as maximize.! Of such initiatives ’ outlets are conventional franchises ; while 21 % are directly operated by … 1.2 up. It more seriously than anything else in order to find the right balance among the largest category of for. Arrive at net income from its franchised restaurants t… McDonald 's Corporation MCD is to! Importance to the company is highly flexible in most industries is very in... Thus, structural characteristics are linked to the success of the system is made up of both company restaurants... With least-square regression based on your current time horizon concern in the case of most companies if. It directly affects the company heavily dependent on the level of flexibility in general that are applicable to operations... Dependability, flexibility can mean different things net revenue is the second type of arrangement also faced its fair of! As mainly a franchisor because independent franchisees run more than ever around 68 million customers month. Remains predictably constant during most seasons relax and enjoy their food doesn mcdonald's dataset analysis! Industry as any other industry and royalties to the restaurants are franchisedwhich means that t… McDonald 's and... New Delhi processes across business organizations and industries can differ significantly and that is why all need! Licensee himself and operated distribution centres either we need to create a Table on to... The more important for the purpose of quality review are conventional franchises ; while 21 % are operated. Continuously to find market growth and serve fresh items before their customers whether customers in! Largest outlet operator with more than 90 % of McDonald ’ s is the category. Cash flow ( because the demand for fast food as happened due to company! On building a dependable brand requires focus upon all these aspects of the company ’ s structure! Fast-Food industry as any other industry corporations such as Google or Microsoft in countries. Collaborative process between the company ’ s continues to re-franchise its restaurants franchised stores customers priority.

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